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Monday, December 22, 2008

Leaf art

Have you ever heard how ads get okayed before they go live on TV? Well it happens in closed doors but here is an Indian Company 'Sulekha classifieds' which thought it would be better if it could try checking the response online first and uploaded it on YouTube.

The ad was picked up and is going viral. The concept is that Arjun going for his swayamvara faces a lot of problems and overcomes them by shooting cursor shaped arrows into the sky which is later revealed as the "" page.The ad also shows even gods shooting at the webpage!

The theme used is a leaf art theme almost extinct now where in leaf is used as a canvas.
Shortly you would be able to different versions on TV too.
Good idea Sulekha team.


MJ said...

awesome ad...sure it will be a huge success...but it would be better if it had many shorter versions

Unknown said...

Right MJ, the shorter versions are on the line. This was the beta version?

Unknown said...

Very creative! but donno how many will accept to modernize a mythological charater.

In India you never know when you will have a problem and when you will not.Mona singh dancing for a movie song as 'Sita' and 'Vinayakudu' title were under protest;but we also accoladed modern 'Ramayan' and 'Mahabharath' in few movies.

Leaving this apart,for me,the add is fabulous.