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Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Ok to lie!

It's OK to lie -- just a little. Not really. Lies have an interesting way of catching up with you. Whether you are lying to your manager, co-worker or your prospects, you will find it's really much better to tell the truth -- even if you risk losing an account.

As a salesperson, your reputation and credibility is the key to success. Be truthful with everyone, even on minor issues so that you will be trusted throughout your relationships.

The Biggest Sales Lies , By: Schiffman, Stephan, Reisner, Michelle, American Salesman

I think this applies to normal people as well, across functions. Credibility and integrity are the only assets that you carry with you all the time. Its more relieving to go to bed with your conscience clear, knowing that you are not a crook.
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