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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's OK, It's complimentary

I was talking to a friend who shared her experience when she went to have dinner with her family at Mainland China, Bangalore about the Customer Service crisis she had faced but they succeeded in making it a pleasant one in the end.

There was a bug in the dish served and my friend found it just as she was about to consume. Sensing that there were many people having their food she gestured the waiter to replace the dish. When the waiter found the worm he took the plate to the kitchen. Then quickly removed all the other plates of the dish at the table. The dish was prepared and served with an apology. It took some time and the manager was very concerned and kept on informing them what time it would take for the new dish to be prepared. After the dinner they were served with ice cream (four different flavored scoops. You should have seen her eyes lit up when she spoke of how they poured molten chocolate over the scoops till the cup was full). When they tried stopping the waiters as they didn't order any ice cream they were told in hushed tone, "Its OK, it is complimentary."

And then came the time to pay the final bill and the manager apologized to them and refused to accept the bill too. Under normal circumstances she wouldn't go there again but now Mainland China is her favorite place.

Thats CRM for you at the best.

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