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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ghajini's inspiration!

There was a discussion among our friends that Gajini is an excellent movie and what an original thought! I beg to differ. Here is Christopher Nolan's 'Mementoes' which was Murugadoss's inspiration to make Tamil Ghajini.

But Murugadoss aptly changed some parts of the original story to make it 'saleable' to the Indian audience. Its how well you present and adapt to suit the customer that counts. But I still hold the original should have been given a credit. We do it all the time. Indian directors are good at this. Hope this copy culture changes and some original movies are made.


Kiran Duganapalli said...

yes, our film industry has to come out with some original hits. but don't you think its because of their vast technological advances and audience acceptance, they are coming up with new ideas.

Unknown said...

Vamshi, I do not agree with you this time.

A good story line can be reached to a maximum number of viewers by copying.You can't expect all Tamilians to know about 'Mementoes'. Murugadoss wanted to bring a nice movie to their ppl. He copied. No balmes!

North and West still would'nt have an idea about this movie in Tamil and English already.Aamir did get the same to Majority of the Indians. No blames again!

How loyal can you be to SWIFT when SWIFT DEZIRE has entered in to the four wheeler market?It's all most same...copied from the original... but you still Love it.

Movie making is a business and I feel it is absolutely fine to copy a nice movie so that ppl get to see a good movie in a language they are comfortable with.

When commercializing any movie, no one likes to put a tag "copied from..." . Though copied the concept or story, Acting and Direction still has to smell a success.

I feel Copies CAN BE much better than originals some times!