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Monday, December 8, 2008

Dual standards

Its how you treat your heroes that makes you as a nation.

When Abhinav Bindra won a gold medal in a game at Olympics, shooting some mud targets Government of India gave him 5 crores and his picture was all over the media for almost a month. Remember the support and prizes that the Indian team got when we won the 20-20 world cup?

When three warriors fought off terrorists and gave their lives facing real bullets in the recent Mumbai attack the same Government gave 5 lakhs each (I wonder why they gave this big amount). And every one, including you and me, the media have already forgotten them! Every one except their families. And you call them heroes!

This is high time to increase the salaries and compensation of the military, police and other forces in the country. Hope the politicians would take this step before the the families die waiting for the pension and wondering if they could get back their loved ones in exchange for the money they got. And thinking what un-grateful people we are.

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Unknown said...

I feel it's high time to set a qualification for politicians-to- be. GIve them an aptitude test,GD case studies and an Interview. Politicians should be onboarded through clearing civil servcies entrance exam or with a very strong and clean local social work background.