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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Be the Santa

It would be exciting to have Santa give away gifts to us just like when we were kids. People still flock to shopping malls for free gifts and the photo op with the old man. Many shopping malls in Bangalore have announced the timings from 4 to 9 PM today. The queues are long and tiring for a small photo shoot. I will give you another option where you will be more happy and satisfied.

Be a Santa, yourself! Brighten up a poor child's life tomorrow. Gift some toy, buy a dress, a blanket to some one who actually need it by cutting down a bit from what you shop. I bet this would bring more blessing than anything else to your home and the child would be thanking Santa all the year because of you. If you are thinking where to find one, go to hospitals, orphanages, street corners, traffic signals or just anywhere. Or just give away a good meal.

But can you be a Santa? Not every one can.

Merry Christmas.

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