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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Aversion to rules

You might have seen many such signs torn, disfigured when they speak of some rule. What amazes me is the universality of the concept. People hate rules. I mean when you get a chance you are ready to break it. Does it need a great restraint to stop breaking them? If yes why don't we have it. Any one can break a rule but it takes a lot of pain to follow them.

I agree that the thrill in breaking a rule is too good, in the short term. I would like to see who is breaking the rule, how would he break it, why, when, how frequent, what is the motivation, how can I make products and services to lure him. On the other hand I would like to do the same with the other one who doesn't break the rule. Applying the concept of sustainability in Business Ethics to this context its advisable to follow the rules and develop a character that makes you adhere as you would be benefited in the long run.
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