Google+ Consumer Psyche: Yuvagarjana?


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Telugu Desam party is organizing Yuvagarjana to kick start its election campaign at Guntur today. For the first time in the last 9 years Chandrababu Naidu has moved from the center of the poster to the corner. Lets see if this would bring back the voter base which moved away from them during the last elections. NTR is brought in to rescue the party from being in the opposition. Lets see if this works.

The crowd is expected to be more than 15 lakhs as it should beat the (14 lakh) crowds that Chiru drew at Titupathi when launching his party. Hundreds of workers are working overtime to build welcome boards, banners, cut-outs and barricades on the way to (ground in front of) Acharya Nagarjuna University where the meeting is being held. This might be a make or break meeting for the TDP.

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