Google+ Consumer Psyche: You are right. What was it?


Friday, November 7, 2008

You are right. What was it?

This is an excellent ad, shows a lot of imagery and catches the eye. But what is the product about? So is this successful? I need to wait and see what %age of people will remember the ad, what %age will associate it with the product, how many will switch from other tablets to Saridon because of this ad. Saridon purchase is triggered by a need and most of the people follow the suggestion of the doctor or the medical shop executive. (Do you know that 75% of the purchases in India are guided by the kid who sits at the medical shop, whose credit worthiness is better than the doctor. We will see this later).

As far as the marketing angle is concerned this ad bombs. Unless your ad brings in more customers and encourages the existing ones, it doesn't make any sense. Instead Saridon should have been pushed through the doctors and medicos and more of in-store ads and promos which would translate into better sales.

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