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Thursday, November 13, 2008

You are fired.

Not a good word to hear right? We are downsizing and you are going home. How does this sound?

Isn't this natural in this recession. Some friend of yours or a relative's friend has been downsized. Does this bring a bad feeling in you? Do you feel insecure? I would too.

But is there something you could do to be safe from these bad times. No matter how powerful people you know it would be difficult to stay put. The simple solution I feel for this is to keep delivering. Contributing more than your peers, more than what I expected from you. Is there a limit for performance?

So will you be the one who is safe when bad times hit the company and some are laid off? I cannot assure you. But it keeps you safe and fit to get another one.

Its your insurance. So are you insured?

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