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Monday, November 10, 2008

What is cooking in Indian kitchens?

Home-makers will find it difficult to resort to the easy-to-make tomato rice for a meal, at least for some time to come. With the price of the commonly-used vegetable shooting up to Rs. 60 a kg in many retail markets in the city, most customers had to be content with a small quantity despite paying higher price.

People now buy only half the quantity of the weekly requirement of vegetables. The increase in the price of most vegetables, including cabbage that is usually cheap, had also hit the business of small hotels and roadside eateries.

Sandeep mentions in his blog that the prices in the organized retail outlets like Reliance Fresh are too high, almost 70% higher than the Mandi outside the mart. Who cares for the ambiance when your prices drill a hole in my purse? I am going to reduce my intake to meet the price increase and consume less. Will I come to your outlet when I know that buying from the farmer directly is cheaper or for that matter any other player whose competency is cost leadership? he answer is yes.

So Mr. Ambani, either reduce prices by cutting down your margins or else I am not going to come to your store.

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