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Friday, November 7, 2008

Its all about time

For years the salary of teachers has been pathetic in India. They are posted in godforsaken places, hostile conditions where they battle not just weather and lack of basic amenities but also local goondaism, cultures, beliefs and still wage a battle for educating the children. Yet, they are paid peanuts. The Joint Action Committee of Teachers’ Organisations (JACTO) called upon teachers in Andhra Pradesh to boycott classes, exams and evaluation of answer sheets. They have few demands which the government is denying from the last 3 years and they didnt protest in this way. But now they are sure of getting their demands.

The reason for this is that the elections are up in the next year and no party wants to mess with teachers now. Any displeasure to the teachers would mean the booth incharges will be hostile and you know what happens then. I think the move by Jacto came at an excellent time and hence they would succeed.

What an idea, Sirji!


Unknown said...

Yes,"There is a time for everything" and for teachers,its the Right time :-)

Unknown said...

This is a strategic move.