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Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Children's day

Each one of us have a kid in them. This kid not only comes out when you are alone or feeling childish but also when you make choices, purchases, decisions. What you undergo in your childhood has its implications on how you behave, why you behave, what you feel, why and so on. So if you are a person who can change the way children feel in your house, friend's place, do it. Make them feel the right way, learn the right lessons, understand the right things at the right time, pick up the best qualities and see life in a better way. After all raising a child is like painting a masterpiece, sculpting a huge sculpture. You don't do this in a day. Its done over a long time, one stroke of the brush or chisel at a time. Do it in such way that it is a good picture and not a messy one.

Unlike a picture or a sculpture in this case the picture also knows where it is going and how it is being made. Each coating of paint, stroke of the chisel is remembered and shapes its character, behaviour and the psyche. Good luck.

Happy Children's Day!
Pic: Eden

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