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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have heard of many examples for consistency and never-give-up attitude. But these bees have meat all my expectations. Time and again they have been burnt, killed and scared away but no matter what the next day there are back. Many die, are smashed but their determination never ends.

As a team they rebuild what has been destroyed, fallen, burnt to ashes. In these dire times, if you have been effected, you need not lose hope. All you need to do is to start again, with renewed vigor, passion and hope.


Sara Kathi said...

What an example! Lotz to learn from these small creatures of God.

Tiger said...

Rite Sarah.. Small things teach big lessons..

Chinglem said...

I am silently shocked that nobody seems to be caring for the bees!!
I hope I was in hostel.. may be I cud've contacted professionals to save their lives and respect their plight..

Tiger said...

Dont worry Chinglem, We did. They no longer burn them out. We have accepted them as a part of our big family.

Chinglem said...

nice 2 hear- sounds lyk da alliance spirit!! c u soon[:)]