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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who is responsible?

I knew her from day one of college and would always wonder how she managed to keep her cool, her poise in the most annoying of situations. The days we were taken to task for bunking classes or missing deadlines, Soumya would wear an expression that would make us all giggly on the inside.

Forever smiling through her eyes, she was the first among us to strike an instant rapport with college seniors and then - a year later - with juniors as well. She was also among the first to land an internship, and later a job, with The Pioneer - it was a big deal to be employed while pursuing graduation, five years ago. In a certain sense, I and many of my classmates would look up to her. After all she was earning her pocket money.

Forget what Gandhi said about women walking safely on the streets. Forget what police claim. Forget what you and I read in the papers everyday. Not a day passes without the papers reporting a crime. My question is who is responsible for all this? Police? Government? Criminals?

No. I think it is you and me. We walk away from everything that does not hurt us directly. I think its time to act. Every colony, area, company should ensure its area is safe. Have a proper reporting system that triggers when something happens. Have someone to call up and seek help. Have a quicker response system that punishes hard, fast and direct.

If not now when? If not you who? Don't just keep quiet, do something to keep your area safe.

Yes Divisha she is not going to be a statistic going down into the shameful pages of history.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment. Point taken.

SkyLark said...

This is what I keep telling ppl, when they demand many a things from govt or police personnels..

Criminals or thiefs or politicians and general public are none but one among us, then y should we depend on someone else, when we can set things right.

I am trying from my end, let us see how I can help others to help the society.

I know u r with me..