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Friday, October 17, 2008

'The White Tiger' roars

Balram Halwai, narrator of The White Tiger, is not going to let a lack of education keep him in the dark. He is heading for glory in India's bright future. He will be one of those who stuffs cash into brown envelopes for policemen and politicians, and not just another victim.

His disrespect for his elders and betters is shocking - even Mahatma Gandhi gets the lash of his scornful tongue.

He has the voice of what may, or may not, be a new India: quick-witted, half-baked, self-mocking, and quick to seize an advantage. He happily abuses religious foibles and hatreds of others where it suits, dispatching a rival driver to destitution via a little anti-Muslim prejudice.

Aravind Adiga has brought out what has been innate and waiting to come out. What a timing. Of course my name has its own contribution though. Anything that lashes out at the establishment will always be lapped up.


Unknown said...

Only a part of your name contributes... ha ha ha ... You know what I mean!!!

Eager to buy this and read..

Unknown said...

I know, but still it is a contribution. Do read and tell me how it is.