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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Unnecessary Luxury!

You might have guessed what I am talking about: Sleep, when you are a B-school student. You want to know how life is here? Well read on and find out what we do( and what we don't!)

  • Most of the time is spent in classes, extra-classes, special-classes, surprise classes and what not - Small, big, boring, interesting, forced, sleeping, dull, loud, silent, patient, effortless, cumbersome, straining but useful in some way (hope so)

  • Group discussions, assignments, reports, projects, PPTs, write-ups, presentations, debates, print outs, files, signatures, submissions, rejections, spell checks, errors, results!, resubmissions…

  • Exams: lots and lots of them! Internals, externals, term-end, surprise tests, group tests, domain tests, functional tests and what not
  1. You should see how people study - some start days before, some don't, some sleep and read, some read and sleep, some sleep-read, some bath-read(Yes it is possible), some brush-read, some read while brushing, some rattufy, some skip topics, chapters, subjects
  2. Some write with as many as 10 color inks, sketches, pencils and decorate the paper as if it were a wedding card, some use the same pen for everything, some don't bring a pen at all, some write essays, some write poems, some write epics, some punch lines, some draw arts, some try to write!
  3. Some sleep in the exam, some smile, some eat chocolates, some dream, some pick their teeth and some think of tomorrows exam, some keep looking at others, some look at the paper and smile, some weep, some pray!

  • Parties: Birthday parties(You should see how we dance in the night to loud music, hit bumps, how all the 200+ people in the canteen join in the song), festivals(Any religion, culture, occasion), decorations, ethnic wear, rangoli and sweets, songs, anniversaries, break-ups (Yes), patch-ups, exam results, cricket wins, movies, freshers, farewells, surprise parties (When you have surprise classes, surprise exams, why not parties?), assignments... the list goes on, food, the music, DJ, rain dance, pictures, games, jokes, groove.. You need to be there to feel it

  • Movies: Don't be surprised if someone knocks your door at 3 AM in the night armed with a USB drive asking for a movie or give you one. We actually are very liberal in nature: We don't mind the language, quality of the movie as long has it has nice music, some stupid story, eye candy and some nice message. If it is boring why else do we have the fast-forward button for? Some even write reviews and pass it on to others and help us save 3 hours of sleep by watching the movie, some watch as many as 4 movies in a day!

  • Books: Different kinds of books - related, not related to MBA, magazines, newspapers, big books so big that they are used as stools, some so small that fit in the back pocket. Do we read them? Guess...

  • Results:
  1. Wow! GPA, CGPA, TGPA, what’s the highest, lowest, average, median, mean, last term, this term over all, subject-wise, stream wise, compare, think, adjust, calculate, X is 0.1 more than Y (weep tissue weep)…
  2. Some cry, weep, smile, jump, roll, hug, shake hands, high-five, dance, run, become numb, rejoice, curse, recheck, note down, take pictures, surprised, pray, call parents, SMS, mail, walk…

I can go on adding to this list till tomorrow. I have deliberately left gaming (Counter Strike till 5 AM, chess, indoor Cricket (till the warden catches us), Volley ball, WWF, Kick Boxing, TT, TV, common room antics, tickling sessions, sudden group GDs, water cooler, cleaning, packing, booking tickets at PVR, air, train, bus travel, sudden getaways to Pearl Valley, Goa, Taj, Pondicherry, Kerala, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jog Falls, Hogenekkal, Wonderla, Waterworld, Bannergatta National Park, Temple visits in the night, bike rides, police lathis, good old Forum, Garuda, Central, Total, CCD, McDs, Dominoes, KFC, orphanages, blood donations, Independence Day, Republic Day, Teachers day, Holidays, Poch Bun, Disco Daba, RK Mess, Greenlands Bakery, F1 oops CC1, CC2, Central Campus, long walks in the campus, hot chai in the rain...

You hardly get time to sleep. So if you can sacrifice sleep and have fun, frolic and learning all the time, Welcome to Alliance Business School.

Yes sleep is indeed an unnecessary luxury. But do we care? Who is complaining?

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