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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Riz Raizada vs Drona

Fifteen hundred special effect shots. Locations straddling three continents, and one man's imagination. A Rs 22-crore villain. A seven-foot gladiator from Thailand. Technicians from England, America, Namibia, Czech Republic, Australia, South Africa and Italy. Six VFX studios. One hundred and twelve shooting days. Four hundred and twenty-six days of post-production. One film. Drona.

The most expensive character in the film turned out to be the villain. Riz is a sorcerer who can teleport himself, halt things mid-air and conjure up water, fire and illusions. His character took up the most number of special effects. But a figure of Rs 22 crore can still shock. "Everything from his clothing to his weapons to his magical abilities required a lot of budgeting," says Arya. "His sets were the most expensive to create."

Drona is getting ready for release on October 2. So what are the expectations connected to this extravaganza of a film where potential losses amount to staggering figures? Simply put by Behl: "Huge."

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