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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pick my Guitar

Well Nokia seems to have understood what people want to do with their mobiles. After sticking to its legacy of having a keyboard Nokia 5800 has moved on to join the touch craze in mobile phone design. Most of the look and feel are similar to other phones but this has a complete touch panel. Now you might say, "we have seen that before, do you have anything new?" Oh yes Nokia 5800 has touch, stylus and more- a guitar pick like device that helps you swipe through photos and music.

What makes you stand out in the crowd when everyone around you are performers? Innovate and stay one step ahead. I think Nokia 5800 will rock for the following reasons:
  • Costs around 300$, no frills attached
  • Launching in India in December
  • Has everything iPhone 3G has to offer and more
  • Nokia brand name
Will I buy it? Yes, for Christmas.

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