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Friday, October 17, 2008


Meet the camera shy Hello panwalah! While I couldn't convince him to pose for me he was more than willing to strike conversation.

This is a pic taken from a paan shop at Empire, Koramangala. 150 paans at a time are prepared in a span of 20 mts flat. 10 such sets per day are sold during lunch. That is about 1500 paans * Rs. 10/- which make it to about Rs. 15,000 per day. This guy has a turnover of Rs. 36,00,000/- per year! Non-taxable, no office, no timing, no tension. Compare this to my earlier post about MBA salary and self-employment.


Unknown said...

Non-taxable, no office, no timing, no tension.Yes, No Liquidity tensions too...

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment Sarah. Yes no tension