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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Learn 2 Trust

People don't expect you to be honest. Trust me on this. Everyone expects you to cheat in the exam, games, tell lies and make up things. They just can't believe that there can be some one who is honest. This is in their psyche. Doubting didn't start with Thomas after all. It was always there. Its tough to convince people you are not lying, that you don't cheat. Every time I tell people I don't cheat in the exam or game I get those weird looks as if I am an alien! But stay the way you are if you one of this diminishing tribe. If you belong to the doubting then you need to change your mind. There are people who ARE HONEST. Just because you are not doesn't mean everyone are like you or just because you have had a bad experience don't stop trusting others. Its not the time to breed distrust, just not yet. Learn to trust.
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