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Friday, October 17, 2008

Leadership defined

Leadership is now mission-critical. And to repeat: you don't need a title to do it.

I just met a man who gets it. He's not a CEO. He's not a VP. He's not famous. He's an ordinary man. I met him in the lobby of our offices at Sharma Leadership International Inc. He's laying our new carpet. And he made me think. Deeply.

I complimented him for his excellent work. He smiled. Told me he's been laying carpet for 55 years. Told me he's from Northern Ireland. Told me there's few things as important as feeling pride on a job well done.

He worked quickly - for hours - pausing only to have a fast sip of tea from a scratched up old kettle. He sang while he worked. He innovated by adding a border to the carpet that I'd never seen anyone add before. And he worked with excellence-leaving no detail missed. Isn't that what leadership is all about?

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Unknown said...

Very Nice.You get to learn so many things when meet such peopel. Right?

Leader ship is a Skill.Not every one would master.

Perfection and Excellence seems to be same but they are totally different..A leader believes in the later.

MJ said...

Although I agree that leadership needs no title, I don't think the example given speaks all about leadership.The carpet man is dedicated, skilled and has a passion for his job.But leadership is more than excelling in their jobs but inspiring other people to excel in their jobs.Many at times the leader may not be the best performer but he will lead and inspire his staff to be become best performers.

Unknown said...

Thanks Sarah, MJ for the comments. Yes excellence is the key.

A leader is one who can be followed, who is committed, passionate and innovative. He may not be on a stage, podium and have a designation, a name tag but still he is a leader in his own right. Robin seems to point at that angle.