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Saturday, October 4, 2008

KISS it Prof!

We were reading for exams and opened the textbook concerned for the first time since the beginning of the classes. Let me tell you what is in the text book:
  • How to make things complex
  • Extra-ordinary linguistic abilities of the authors
  • Unnecessary examples for simple concepts
  • No examples where required
  • Outdated data (as old as 2002-03)
  • Long sentences, compound-complex-illogical-hyper-sounding words, punctuation
  • Self-promoting summary which tells you why you are lucky to read this book and not others
And this is the Third edition! and it is published by a reputed house. Can you believe it?

If you are writing a book to be read by students (not because they are supposed to learn all the passages by-heart by the respective prof) for the love of it, I have a simple solution.

. Kiss stands for Keep-It-Short-&-Simple. Spare me your language and let me learn.



MJ said...

Thank you Tiger,
for telling what many of us wanted to tell for a long time.
May be you should write a book"how text books aid in studies & curb learning" and please KISS it :)

Unknown said...

I Know...