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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Freshers 08, Already?

Not long ago on Aug 25th, 07 we had our freshers. I still remember the day when I was a runner up for Mr. Fresher 07 and today the same was replayed with different people. We had a nice party at Gold Coin near Electronic City. Few things I noted is the domination of the colors Red and Black (Why so?). Other prominent colors were white, blue, green, pink and orange! The music, groove, warmth and relief felt was amazing. You should see how 550 people fill in the lyrics when the DJ shuts out the music. Chaos in unison. Or you should feel the beat of the woofer spin your head, clog your ears while you keep singing at the top of your voice trying to keep up pace with your dancing team. For a moment nothing is on your mind. Exams, assignments, case-studies, faculty, hostel timings, results... nothing. Its pure fun and fun only. No one has food properly as they don't wanna miss the DJ.

The program showcased how talented the new batch is. After all they are following us! Dances, mimicry, karoake, fashion, attitude, skits, guts, beauty and what not. They had everything you need to be a part of 'masti ki paatshala'. Good luck guys and welcome to Alliance!

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Unknown said...

nice post vamshi.some more can still be added.indeed our juniors have good skills.welcome juniors.