Google+ Consumer Psyche: Creative?


Friday, October 24, 2008


Many people are good at preaching. Some can beat anyone in the way they mesmerize you. But when it comes to application they don't follow a word. It is just like a child getting zero marks in the 'creativity exam' just because she painted her mango purple. You are expected to go and change the world, write business models, create miracles in the world but in the exams you are tested for some old principle that you are supposed to learn byheart and reproduce in the exam like a dumb parrot. When you don't let me think out of the box, forget out of the box, you don't let me THINK and still expect me to go and create the businesses of the future?

My question to all parents and teachers is: Don't you think I should be let out of the cage and then I would understand the concepts better?

Just think. I mean out of the box. Can you?

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