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Friday, October 31, 2008


The suppressed yawn
Made my eyes water,
Too tired and exhausted
I was for comprehension to dawn,
And thus had begun a fable of boredom that lasted an eon.

The words bounced of my leaden skull,
As if even the brightest shade of red had gone dull,
Frustrated with the demeanor I jerked myself awake,
Though not for my Professor's, but my own sake.

Perhaps a mistake or a stroke of misfortune,
The Professor's voice struck another soporific tune,
In the falsetto of his melody,
My pen lost all grip that was steady.

Soon a pair of eyes, pierced my glazed perception,
And with guilt came a unlikely admission,
I shake my head in dejection,
And bring back my strained concentration.

It was still a mystery to me,
A lucky escape that seemed to be,
And then again my eyelids drop slowly,
Fighting the endless terrorists in Counter Strike!

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Unknown said...

Nice one...

Sleep early in the night,to avoid such guilt in the class room:-)