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Friday, October 17, 2008

Ahead aho!

Neither brands nor businesses are immortal. Successful brands are relevant to their consumers and different from their competition. Some of the most iconic brands have taken a thorough beating with the recent meltdown in the global markets. Lehman Brothers is just an example. Why did you stop going to the store you used to visit? What made you ignore a company, a person, a street you take to office?

“Buildings age and become dilapidated. Machines wear out. Cars rust. People die. But what lives on are the brands.”

- Hector Liang, Chairman, United Biscuits

You might have the best brand in the world but the day you fail to meet with your customer's expectations, the day you fail to update, reinvent, be ahead you are no longer a good brand. You fail to exist in the customer's evoke set or consideration set. I think the same applies to people, students, professors, employees, players, coaches, HR, the paan wala, the neighborhood store, your doctor, tailor and everybody you know. The secret is in being ready to meet what is expected from you. So YOU know what to do for being a brand.

ARE YOU A BRAND or just another person?



Unknown said...

Thats why the quote -
"Customer is king" is ever green.

Unknown said...

Thanks Sarah. The secret is in keeping the customers more than happy.