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Sunday, October 12, 2008

404 Imagination Error

What makes you creative is your talent to think out of the box. Is that right? Gimme a break. I see many people who can't think within the box being called creative! But still they are in high places, hold responsible positions, get tasks to handle that are supposed to change the firm.

What happens then? Simple. Pandemonium. A sheer wastage of talent, resources and time.

ON@CC is a boring novel by Chethan Bhagat which interested many film makers like Salman to take this up. Here is the review of the movie by Udita Jhunjhunwal.

Be warned the film makes you wish you had not answered this wrong number. The film is so slow that you feel like you have endured the entire night shift, in real time, with this technically challenged and emotionally stunted group of call centre employees. he director’s lack of grasp on the tone and intention of the film shows in the irregular graph of the performances.

No favoritism when it comes to work please. Spare me the nonsense and learn thinking within the box first. Thank you Udita for saving my 3 hours.

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