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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why only women?

Whenever there is a product launch you get to see a celebrity launch the same. Celebrity will ensure people look up and watch. But this does not guarantee the sale. It ensures the product in question is in my evoke set. It takes much more than a celebrity to take the product to the consideration set and later purchase. Most of the times vehicles and anything that is handled by men have been associated to be feminine. Very few break the clutter like the 'Definitely Male' Pulsar from Bajaj. Most of the products end up launched around the feminine side and you can see long-legged models sashaying to sell the product to you.

Any product addressing a high-involvement purchase, like a car for example, is not bought because some one vouches for it. Still using models will give enough coverage and attention. So seems to be a good strategy!

  • Or can we better this? If yes what can that be?
  • How many products do you remember which were launched by a male model (Remember Lux)?
  • Were they high involvement or low involvement purchase?
  • Why can't men be used to launch a product? If yes, what are those products?
  • Why only women?
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