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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where'z the stuff?

Titan has joined hands with WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and has come out with unisex watches. The range includes six unisex watches with emblems representing some of India's endangered species such as the tiger, Indian rhino, Gangetic river dolphin, red panda, whale shark and the Oliver Ridley turtle.

With every Titan-WWF watch purchased, Titan will contribute Rs150 to WWF towards its efforts of the conservation of their natural habitat. Every watch in the collection captures the strength and beauty of each of these magnificent animals. Priced between Rs3,000 and Rs3,800 and presented in 13 different styles, these watches would be available at all 'World of Titan' showrooms, multi-brand outlets and various malls across the country from 12th September, 2008.

I am particularly interested in the one that has 'The Tiger' and sought to buy it but the manager at Titan World at Jayanagar 4th block tells me that the watches have not come to Bangalore. I search for it on the Internet and find nothing at the website. You tube has the launch video, Google has a news item relating to it here but otherwise nothing from the brand that would help me in locating it! I make a few calls and then find out that the model is available at the showroom in Mumbai.

3 things make you a marketing genius: A great product/idea, great communication informing the existence of the product to the target customer, and the delivery. Titan messed up in the delivery part. Will I wait? May be I will but many wont.


MJ said...

Yes Tiger,
Many firms mess up in the delivery part even though their product is great.Especially some companies have more 2 websites and we keep on shuffling through the links to find out the needed information.

Deeptaman Mukherjee said...

I am sure that you would wait.

Tata Grp again provied its CSR policies.

Unknown said...

One more enquiry and the response is negative.