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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Unity, Gimme a break!

I was watching TV today and these were the pictures that were flashed on the screen. The place is Orissa and the religion of the victim (a 13 year old girl) was not mentioned. The 'occasion' was the attack on the churches, again. Have a close look at this picture and think. Does this child have a religion, belief and is a fundamentalist? Could she convert another person to any religion?

Since last Sunday churches in Orissa, Bangalore were attacked by armed fanatics who felt they stood for the true India. Innocent people of all ages have been attacked and hurt. All this in a country where Right to Freedom of Religion is enshrined in the constitution. A country that is considered to be home for many religions and claims to be Diverse yet United. United? Give me a break.

Godhra, Orissa, and how many more do we need. This could be your daughter tomorrow, for all I know. Its a shame.
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