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Friday, September 5, 2008

Teacher's Day

Today is Teacher's Day in India. I thank all the people who were instrumental in teaching me, showing me things and making me what I am today. All learning begins at home. My mom, who is my first teacher and sacrificed her promising career for me, my Dad who is my pillar of strength, school and college teachers, people at work and many more fall in here. I learnt and un-learnt. Many a times it was easy to learn, sometimes it was not, some times it was very unpleasant but I did.

I have had the privilege of working with many people, both who were interested in helping the student and those who were not. There were teachers who treated their students as their children, sometimes even more. There were teachers who spoon-fed, who gave you the goal with no map, goal with map and user manual and so on. Many varieties, many talents, approaches, beliefs, styles, passions, natures and psyches. Let me make it clear here that I have learnt from each one of them and am still at it.

My Dad says, "A soldier defends the country from the outside, a teacher from the inside." How true.

Thank you one and all for being there.
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