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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Marketing to women

“CEOs and marketers first need to acknowledge that women really are the boss when it comes to buying. Second, they need to understand that women are different from men in many psychological and behavioural ways that affect their relationships with brands,” he advises.

One of the many examples in the book is about how GM connected with its target of professional female audience when marketing sports utility vehicles. “It offered $100 spa certificates to one million women for test-driving a GMC vehicle.”

Another example is of Volvo, which found that women wanted the same premium design features like climate control and leather upholstery as men did, Ellwood narrates.

In contrast, with regard to the budget-level vehicles, “women expected much less than their male counterparts,” the author continues, “be it about engine performance, seat comfort, and the latest safety features.”

Iain Ellwood in Wonder Woman: Marketing Secrets for the Trillion-Dollar Customer


vidushi sharma said...

I think somebody is catching up with time, trends and tricks!

MJ said...

Of course,it makes sense to have a separate marketing strategy for women, when they are the target consumers.Even though certain products are marketed based on their masculine features sometimes they attract women also effectively, like Harley Davidson Bikes.But when products are pitched for women,men seldom go for such brands.

Deeptaman Mukherjee said...


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