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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fairer Sex

We were discussing the change in the attitude of women before and after marriage. What changes and how quick things change and ended up with this graph on a tissue paper. I made this fair copy.

...and we believe in one another
and i know we're going to uncover
what's sleepin' in our soul

--- Oasis

What do you think? Is this correct. Or is it the other way round? Do men behave this way too? I think they do. What can be done to change this situation?


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hey Vamshi,

Your Graph clearly shows that MEN change their Attitude! observe... You would get a straight line if they don't change. What say???

Deeptaman Mukherjee said...

Yeah it might be correct for some people ...

But I am sure that my personal life will never follow that graph.

Hope yours doesn't follow either.

MJ said...

I think the steep change is due to the fact that before marriage there are no real arguments.I mean they will have silly or stupid fights just to rekindle the romance but no serious arguments(very rare)
Only when two people start living together(Usually in India it happens only after marriage)they come face to face with the fine details of the other person.After the honeymoon issues creep up starting from toothpaste,room color to dealing with relatives,in-laws to money,spending,investments,sharing responsibilities,etc.
I think men easily lose out to women because either they don't care much or get frustrated say 'do whatever you want' (especially when wife starts to cry for no apparent reason).
But it is true in a normal "happy married life"women win more arguments, otherwise it cannot be termed as a "happy married life"

Unknown said...

Thanks Sarah, MJ and Deep for the comments.

Sarah, See the argument has started.
Deep, I wish the same.
MJ, That might be the reason why people say you need enough time for the courtship period.

How can we avoid this?

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Yes i agree with tend to change, if they don't no argument....simple