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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Customer Service or Shock!

When it comes to servicing the customers most of the companies concentrate on things like time taken to serve, positive response and other tangible or material things into consideration. The same parameters figure in their evaluation forms: Was the customer served as per the TAT? Was he waiting more than required? Was his request fulfilled? Did he come back for the same complaint? By doing so the whole point is targeted towards your TAT, your quality standards. But this is not the issue and not customer service either.

Instead the concentration should be on whether the customer was happy? Did he get what he wanted? Was his stay good? Did you get customer delight? May be this is one of the reasons why quality of customer service in India poor to average.

Prof. Sridhar Chari explains an activity conducted at SDM Institute of Management, Mysore.

An excerpt: 'Abhishake Mathur of ICICI Direct gave the example of how any bank might evaluate branch performance. For top managers, the measures of a successful branch would focus on the size of the total liability, the CASA (current accounts: savings account) ratio, customer sat scores and the like. But from a truly customer-oriented point of view, the key measures would be very different indeed. What do any of us who walk into our local bank branch look for and almost never get? Minimal waiting time at the teller’s counter, a friendly attitude from staff members and ample parking space.

How come these never get measured? And where does this finally put the customer? In ‘zones of indifference or defection,’ never in the ‘zone of delight’ that would be critical for a company serious about long-term customer retention and return on investment'


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