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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chalk Walk & Talk

Prof. Pratip was recounting his interaction with the students and this crossed my mind. The traditional teaching process involved 'Chalk Walk and Talk'. Students were content with the process and were genuinely interested in what the teacher said. But now the situation is different. It is much more than the three 'alks'.

I have been a student in both the systems and have been a good one (listen, note, read and question). The teacher is now expected to read much more than the basic textbooks, have more information than what is available from cover to cover. The appetite of the students is unending. The teacher is also expected to have come prepared to the class, ready with the answers to all the queries and add value to the student. Mere repetition of what is in the book is not accepted. The teacher also is expected to have good communication skills, knowledge, decorum and what not. The respect towards the teacher is not just for the age or profession but for the intellectual capacity.

Same applies to the salesmen and the marketeers. You need to know more than the consumer and be one step ahead, always. The day you loose the race you are out! Keep yourself updated, knowledgeable and stay focused. Information overload in the Internet age makes you outdated before you say 'Manoj Night Shyamalan'

So on your mark...

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Unknown said...

You've hit the bulls eye… Present environment is clubbed with zeal to alacrity hence this makes even more exciting for a child to post questions though silly without hesitation. Its essential for a teacher to be abreast so as to clarify and quantify the doubts that a pupil has. Its applies to the sales guy as well. He should even be more careful as advocating a single product is not the goal there are many more products in line for which he has to knock on the same doors….

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