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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bhindi with fry

Archana was bowled over by Bhindi with fry at Centenary Building, Centenary Club. We were at a know-more-meetings with Harsha and his in-laws the other day and ordered Bhindi Fry. The dish was ok types. We found it hard to see what was the difference between the normal fresh cut Bhindis and the fry we ordered. Though we all ate it in mute submission we found it odd. Archana summed it up saying it was not a bhindi fry but was Bhindi's cut and served with fry, rather, Bhindi Fry.

When a product fails to deliver what you perceive or expect it fails to make an image and ensures that you don't come back. This applies to both low as well as high involvement products. What would we do? Skip it next time. So the bhindi fry rather bhindi with fry failed to impress Archana. Though the price of the item was insignificant it failed on its promise.

Move on Centenary.

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Unknown said...

Well if the brand Centenary exist, I bet,for sure you'll going to visit the place.. What if the Captain apologies and sells his idea about trying out bhindi fry in a way that you expect.. Muse over!!!!. I appreciate the idea and the way most of the people carry out..

Hope you'll must have had a gala time at least performing the postmortem of the so call Bhindi fry....

Shaukhat by mail...