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Monday, September 1, 2008

Agressive Abhinav

Does this sound like an oximoron. May be. Read on...

A dozen security guards, meticulous verification of visitors and a 500-yard drive to a palatial farmhouse brings you to the plush environs where India's sole Olympic gold medallist has been groomed. Abhinav Bindra is waiting in the drawing room, casually dressed and composed as usual. The champion is apprehensive about 'another interview' but gets down to it anyway. Excerpts...

Have you been approached by any corporates for endorsements?

No corporates have approached me as of now. But I'm open to the idea.

People spoke of your Zen-like calm after winning the gold. Are you into meditation?

I think shooting itself is such a meditative sport that you don't need to practice any other meditation. As for my calm, I am like that only. I don't make a drama of things. And the moment of victory was so fleeting that I was sucked up in it.

Don't you think you should have stuck on in Beijing to cheer other Indian participants?

If I were there, I would have become the centre of attraction. They all deserve their moments of glory. And what could have I done there? I can't coach boxers and wrestlers; I can't give them tips. In fact, I had decided much earlier that once my job was over, I'd be back home.

Read the full interview here.

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Unknown said...

Where do you find the aggressiveness ? For me it's being transparent in thoughts and actions. And it's good!!!