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Saturday, August 30, 2008

We are moving

After much deliberation and anticipation we are moving to the new campus of Alliance Business School at Anekkal (Click here to locate it on Google Maps). A dream come true! We are making history.

We are aware of the initial hiccups in any new venture. No fast net, proper food, power, malls, PVR, Forum, McDonalds, CCD, Greenlands Bakery, hospital, etc.

It also doesn't have traffic, noise, artificial air, congestion, pollution and so on. The good news is we have a large sprawling campus, small village and Mulaqat coming! And change needs patience.

Its our campus. So let's do it.

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Deeptaman Mukherjee said...

We are moving. thats the main thing. we are mature to understand the pains and gains associated with it.