Google+ Consumer Psyche: RFID to stop fake tickets at Beijing Olympics


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

RFID to stop fake tickets at Beijing Olympics

According to Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, a total of more than 16 million tickets embedded with RFID chips will be used during the Beijing Olympic Games and this is the first time that RFID has ever been used for the Olympic Games.

Developed by Tsinghua University and Beijing Tsinghua Tongfang Microelectronics Company, the RFID chip features a minimum size of 0.3 square millimeter and 50 microns in thickness. It can be embedded into paper and can be used to identify goods from about five meters away.Due to its high tech features, it is difficult for the chip to be fabricated, hence it effectively also prevents the occurrence of fake door tickets and simplifies the ticket checking procedure.In addition, the chip reportedly has a good memory on such information as when and where a ticket holder buys the ticket and where the holder's seat is located.

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