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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Permission Marketing: References

Lovely has a point on Social Marketing. What happens if your doctor or lawyer or friend approaches your family or friends quoting you as a reference? What are the implications?

First, you loose the trust, feel cheated. Then your friends loose faith on you for giving out their personal info. The doc/lawyer will loose out from both. He lost your friend as well as the existing one: You. So how do we use the network of others or contacts to increase your clients? How do you sell your product / service to a network?

Simple. Permission marketing applies here as well. You approach the first one and then ensure they are happy and extremely satisfied with your product/service and then you go further asking for a reference. Your offer should be the best and outstanding. Ask them to approach or introduce you first. Then make your move. Fix an appointment and meet. The advantage here is that the prospect knows about you, your product, what to expect, how to react and so on and you have already closed half-the deal. It would be easy for them as well, as this is an existing relationship extended. The reference makes all the difference. I call it Social Marketing.

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