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Monday, August 18, 2008

پرویز مشرف , Next is WHO?

Pervez Musharraf (پرویز مشرف) is the fourth leader to come to power in Pakistan by force. Many more may come as the political situation is not stable. Any democracy should be strong and act responsibly to uphold freedom of the people. Hope Pakistan moves towards freedom, brotherhood, peace and democracy.

Any force stays as long as its anti-force gains strength. No force has reigned the planet continuously. Pervez is no exception.

All the best Pakistan.


Rahul said...

i am glad that a tyrant fell...

check "Musharraf Falls: Mugabe Won't Let Go"

Happy Blogging

Deeptaman Mukherjee said...

Pakistan ... The Best.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Rahul, Deep for the comments. Wish Pakistan the best.

An Aspiring Journalist said...


Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Just wanted to share something that I had read somewhere on the internet. An astrologer claimed that Pakistan would never have a stable democracy because of the date on which they got their independence -14.08.1947. We were fortunate to get our independence a day later:-)

Raneeth Reghu said...

Its just amzing how this concept of History Repeating Itself proves so often..

Life has come full circle for Mr. Pervez who 9 yrs back had plotted nawaz Sherif's exit and his exile from the country.. Now the same is hapening to him. That is, if the Pakistani court lets him free.. There are already cases piling up.

As for Pakistan, its imperative that it continues the fight against terrorism and doesnt give in to the fundamentalists. It would be hard to lead the country through such a transitional phase. thats the challenge before pakistan. To make sure that There is enough stabilty and less turbulence in the coming years!!

Unknown said...

Yes Raneet, History repeats itself. Hope Pak stands up to the challenge