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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

చిరంజీవి, the next CM?

చిరంజీవి is all set to launch his party today at Tirupati. For once all the roads to Tirupathi are for another reason: చిరంజీవి is announcing his party today, on Mother Theresa's birthday. Read my earlier post on this here. Here is what I found on the Internet.

  1. Chiranjeevi is the most popular telugu cine hero and commands a huge popularity
  2. His social activities like (Blood donation and Eye donation) helped so many poor people
  3. He is a legend in his Kapu community and very popular in in some BC Communities like Balija
  4. He is a rare cine personality who little egoism and mingles well with all sections
  5. Chiranjeevi commands huge fan following in the whole state especially in the coastal belt
  6. In the politically active Godavari districts, He can get maximum seats
  7. His clean image may help for his party to get more neutral votes

Disadvantages :
  1. There is no political vaccum in the Andhra Pradesh with Telugu Desam and Congress which have permanent vote banks
  2. He is not that much popular with elders and rural people compared to youth
  3. He is not that popular in other communities compared to Kapu caste people
  4. All fans may not like him politically as caste combinations came into prominence
  5. His Cola ads and other controversies may gain prominence once he enters into politics
  6. It may be difficult for his party to get honest candidates to contest elections
  7. His political inexperience may cost him in today's dirty politics
But Chiranjeevi is known to come back from oblivion and score straight hits and play cards close to his chest. Lets see if he can spin success like he does in the movies and like the legendary NTR and MGR.

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