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Friday, August 8, 2008

Injurious to health

"Only smoking is injurious to health," said Bijay, "but drinking? No one said anything about that!"

It triggered many thoughts in my mind. He was going out to his friends place and was discussing plans for the evening. A movie and booze were on the list. I told him its not good and he shouldn't be addicted to anything and hence should consider stopping the habit. I have heard many reasons why people do what they do but this was different. No one said anything about drinking! Its true. In fact many advertisements exist where they show people enjoying a drink and coming across as posh and cool! All this is encouraging.

Now does mentioning that smoking is injurious to health change a few minds? May be yes may be no. But the fact remains that no one said anything. May be Romdoss is right or may be Amitabh! But I think it sure worked with Sharukh Khan who quit smoking today. A step towards betterment is never late. May be people just drink because no one told them not to!

So what do you think, should every bottle of booze have posters asking not to drink?


Unknown said...

anything vamshi but its true that drinking is becoming a part of coporate may be not true but who r we to judge just put a poll regarding topic stating how many men involved in corporate world doesnt drink???


Aleatoriedad said...
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Aleatoriedad said...
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Aleatoriedad said...

without a miniscule doubt smoking and drinking are detrimental to your health but still people smoke and drink. some for addiction some for style.
the two intoxicating agents are a part of our neo-modern society. but refraining from these evils is must..
no matter how many warning messages you give on the pack of that 84mm stick and that well carved bottle you can not stop people from smoking and drinking..
such words from my lexicon mite be appearing wierd but still smoking is a more dangerous addiction than drinking..


Unknown said...

Thanks Bijay & Ishan, That is the beauty of addiction! Once you are in the loop its difficult to get out and you would find a hundred reasons to justify it.