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Saturday, August 23, 2008

ICICI Phone Banking Group moves to Hyderabad

India's top private-sector lender, ICICI Bank, plans to consolidate its call centre operations in Hyderabad,the media reported on Saturday.

ICICI Bank, also listed in New York, will shift operations from its Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore centres to Hyderabad, the paper said citing K. Ramkumar, ICICI group head of human resources.

"As we grow, we will eliminate inefficiencies. Logically, it is a better idea for us to move to Hyderabad from where we can handle our back office and technology functions more cost effectively," he said in the report.

However, a small part of the back-office work would continue to be handled in Mumbai, he added.

The Hyderabad call centre already employs 2,500 executives, while the two call centres in Mumbai have 1,800-2,000 people, the paper said.

Last month, ICICI Bank posted an unexpected 6.1 percent fall in quarterly net profit, hit by investment losses and slowing credit growth.

This means a good growth of BPO based job opportunities in Hyderabad.

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Rahul said...

i see this as a scared dog getting cornered and howling. This is all BPOs in India can do right now. "Consolidate" is what they will call it. Fact is that top executives in the IT/ITES industry accept the fact that Phillipines is a real threat to India's BPO industry. In the next 5 years, most of the top BPOs in India will shift base to Phillipines. Tax holiday ending is another big negative for them. Lets accept it....India's cost advantage for them is fading out.

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