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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dravid Ignored?

What Shetty says makes no sense to me. Just saying you let down some one will not undo your mistakes. Dhoni has been conferred with the Khel Ratna. Congrats. Good for him. I dont have any problem with that. What pains me and many other followers of Indian Cricket Scenario is that Dravid, who I feel is more deserving has been left out. Sachin got it after a decade of extraordinary performance.

Shetty said what impressed him most about Dhoni was the way he conducted himself. "What I like most about Mahi, apart from his cricket, is the way he leads. He is a cool customer and never gets agitated. I’m also impressed by his clarity of thought. He speaks his mind even if it may not be seen in the right sense," he added. "

Show me an occasion where Dravid got angry, revolted and was not cool. The wall of Indian cricket, backbone of Indian middle order for over a decade is shown an empty hand. How many matches did Dhoni help India win, how many innings does he have to his credit that turned the match. I think Dravid(10K+ runs in both forms of the game, 193 catches), Kumble(600+ wickets, 35 5-wicket hauls, 57 catches), Yuvraj, Lakshman.. the list of deserving cricketers is endless. Dhoni stands at the end of the queue. May be even after Gavaskar and Kapil.

Just an after thought. Does Shibu Soren, Lalu, Mallya and Karunanidhi have something to do with this? I don't know.
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