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Friday, August 1, 2008

Delight @ Mulaqat

Mulaqat is a small makeshift hotel at BTM near Alliance Business School, City Campus 1. For the last few days it has been our source of good food, service and price. Usually I would like to have soup before dinner and has been missing it since eating here. Soup was not an item on the menu. i was asking the guy to try and include it for me but it is being considered. The other day I took a Maggi soup packet to him and asked him to prepare it for us which he did. He was curious how to prepare the soup from vegetables and chicken and I told him the way I know. Today we walk into the hotel and he asks us grinning if we would like to have soup. On affirmation he proceeds to get a genuine soup as good as the ones I have tasted in good restaurants in Bangalore. Obviously we were delighted.

Customer satisfaction is expected but delight is welcomed. It goes without saying that Mulaqat has a special place and becomes my first preference in the evoke set for the next meal. So are you satifying your customers or are you looking at delight? its all in your hands.

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SkyLark said...

Nice to know that u r back to enjoying the most loved Soups..