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Monday, August 11, 2008

舞动的北京 : 同一個世界 同一個夢想

2008 Beijing Olympics mean many things to many people. Will they be successful? I think yes. Look at these numbers.
  • 31 venues
  • the most expensive games in history with a total of $40.9 billion spent
  • Development of infrastructure, energy, transportation and water supply projects
  • 4 billion viewers
All this translates to more people working, more freedom of expression, more income, more education, more purchases, tourism and what not. More views through the Bamboo Curtain and bringing China closer to the world. After all its all about: One World, One Dream!


Vidya said...


Where did you get this font? It kind of looks cool.

Unknown said...

Thanks Vidya for the comment. Yes it looks like a nice design.