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Monday, July 28, 2008

Wanna fight?

Carrying emotions out of the home always works in the negative. When you are frustrated and emotionally charged up it usually makes you feel sorry for what you are and angry at the partner. I remember a friend ending her day with over 40 mistakes at work when she had a real tick off with her husband. Another time a friend of mine, who is usually silent, ended up shouting at the waiter in the hotel for serving late. We were there after his fight with his gf. I am sure you must have had an experience like this.

Every interaction you have with others may blow up resulting in venting your frustration. It may be when you are driving, buying, selling or even chatting. The worst thing is at the end of all the effort you feel it could be avoided. Most of the times emotionally charged people invite trouble and feel happy when they are at the receiving end of the pain. Guilt pains.

Though it is hard to avoid emotional situations, its best to reconcile before leaving home. Its always better to say sorry to your partner than fighting with someone else. Next time you have the fight, cool down and compromise before stepping out.


SkyLark said...

Yes Vamshi.. U r absolutely right about controlling the anger.

The moment, you are frustated u tend to vent out the anger at someone unintentional.

Have been trying to control.

As a saying goes "Patience is a virtue", that really helps u control ur feelings. A very Good article ra.

Keep writing.

Rahul said...

It is true that one thinks like supandi when one is angry, but human ego makes it very difficult to use the word "sorry". Not every one is capable of doing it..

Unknown said...


I go with your words but also feel the other way round.

It's not only stepping out of home with peace but also to step-in with the same spirit.

When one have a tiff at office (specially with one's Boss :-)), tends to come and yell at one's family members who would have been waiting for him/ her to spend a some time filled with love.It's worst than making those 40 mistakes at Office.

While entering the home I feel everyone must learn to keep a bag of worries out side the home,which if required,can be carried to office the next day morning.

Unknown said...

Thanks Harsha, Rahul and Sarah. Being cool is not that easy. It takes a lot of patience and practice. Even after a lot of this we can break into a jig. But the reconciliation makes it easy.

Yes Sarah, it works the other way round too.