Google+ Consumer Psyche: Un-Rahmanic


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We all know how good Rahman is at surprising and touching your chords when it comes to music.

17 years later what has Rahman got up his sleeve? Can he surprise me again with his freshness? May be Yes. But I bet many of his listeners would be able to make out a Rahman song in whatever language it is. This particular song, Kabhi Kabhi Aditi..., from JTJN is not the same. Listeners cannot guess it to be from Rahman. Its good but its fresh, breaks the clutter and Rahman has created a song which is Un-Rahmanic and succeded in winning the audience.

Any Brand will succeed in gaining more land if it can move on and win more hearts, fans and create a fresh image in the consumer's psyche. Rahman is too good at it.


Unknown said...


Experimenting is an art and an adventure which Rehman has taken, in a very confident way and yes as always he has ROCKED!!! I had to open the web and check to believe "kabh i-kabhi aditi" has been composed by Rehman...

SkyLark said...

Yes Vamshi..

I didnt know that it was A R Rahman, the music director of that movie until I had been to the movie.

Archi had kept that as her caller tune, so was kinda used to that Song. Did like the variations in the tone of the singer and thought it was great, but never though that it was by Rahman..

Unknown said...

Thanks Sarah, HArchi. Rehman keeps doing things like this.